Monday:   4pm – 7pm
Tuesday:  4pm – 7pm
Wednesday:   4pm – 7pm
Thursday:  4pm – 7pm
Friday:  Office Closed
Saturday:  9am – 11:30am


Term 2
Tuesday 26th April 2022 to Saturday 25th June 2022

*Please note due to ANZAC Day Term Starts Tuesday 26th April 2022*

Term 3
Monday 11th July 2022 to Saturday 17th September 2022

Term 4
Monday 3rd October 2022 to TBA


Please click here to view our 2022-Term 2 Timetable (Tuesday 26th April 2022 to June 25th June 2022)

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Please click here for the Steppes 2022 Fee Schedule 
Discounts are offered to those who enrol into multiple classes or have a sibling enroled at Steppes.


Rescheduled 2022 Studio Rehearsals at Steppes School of Dance
Friday 21st October 2022
Saturday 22 October

Rescheduled 2021 Photo Shoot at Steppes School of Dance
Saturday 26th February

Rescheduled 2021 Dress Rehearsal and Performance at The Alexander Theatre, Monash Uni Clayton
Friday 4th March – Full Dress Rehearsal
Sunday 6th March – Performance (Matinee and Evening)


(Steppes 2021 Terms and Conditions)

“Dance for everybody…”

Steppes School of Dance prides itself on its vibrant and energetic approach to enjoyable dance instruction in its well-equipped self-contained air conditioned studios in Highett. Currently owned by Emily Perkins, the school also boasts a team of highly trained and dedicated teachers. The students enjoy a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere whilst receiving quality technical instruction.

Steppes offers examinations in Classical Ballet using the Australian Dance Vision syllabus as well as classes in Contemporary / Lyrical, Hip Hop and Jazz. Eisteddfod and competition classes are offered to selected students known as Troupes.

Policies & Regulations

By enrolling yourself (in the case of adult students) or your child (in the case of students under 18 years of age) in Steppes School of Dance (Steppes) classes you (as the adult student, or the child student’s parent or guardian) acknowledge that you have read, agree to abide by, and (where the context requires) consent to, all of the terms, conditions, codes and policies referred to below.

Code of Conduct

As a condition of enrolling at Steppes School of Dance; parents, student and guardians abide to the regulation, policies and rules set by the faculty of Steppes school of Dance, the principal and staff. Steppes reserves the right to terminate a students enrolment if any inappropriate actions or behaviour by either student or parent.

Privacy Policy

Please advise Steppes by email if you do not wish your child to be used for promotional material. Steppes will at times post photos on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. We do not use full names.


When a student is enrolled they re automatically enrolled in the consecutive terms. Should a student not wish to continue for the following term, a minimum of 4 weeks notice in writing is required, or full fees for the following term will be invoiced.

Class numbers are limited and this process ensures positions are retained or passed on. Payment must be received at the time of the booking and re – enrolment. Students cannot be booked into a class unless full payment is received and there are no part payments. NO allowance is made for occasional classes missed, and no refunds will be given. Steppes do not give refunds under any circumstances.

July 2018 we introduced an automatic debit system through Ezidebit. When enrolling for 2022 you will be asked to set up Ezidebit account. Ezidebit will deduct the fees before the commencements of each term. Please ensure you have funds in your account to avoid a surcharge form Ezidebit.

For those who do not wish to have their fees automatically debited by Ezidebit, please come into Steppes during office hours to manually fill out your enrolment form. A fee of $10 will be charged to those who choose this manual method. Payment of full fees will need to be paid at the same time as enrolment.

Our 3 payment options for 2022 are:

Ezidebit (Steppes preferred payment method)

Card – pay at reception (will be issued with a receipt)

Cash – pay at reception (only to reception staff and will be issued with a receipt)

*New Students 2022-Term 1 Part 1 fees will be paid via online booking*

We have recently change bank accounts and no longer will be accepting direct transfers into Steppes account.

At the end of each term all enroled students will receive an invoice, parents are asked to use this time to check their invoice. If any term invoices need amending, parents are asked to state these amendments clearly in writing when they received their invoice. As stated above should a student not wish to continue for the following term, a minimum of 4 weeks notice in writing is required, or full fees for the following term will be invoiced. (4 weeks notice will be at the time of receiving next terms invoice.)

At the end of the term, payment for the next terms invoice will be debited from parents elected account stated. An email and text message will be send out prior to any amount being debited.

If a child decides to drop a class during the term then we do not give refunds or credit notes. Students are enrolled and charged for the full term. Classes are run based on the numbers enrolled and hold that position in the class for the term.

There are no refunds for absence due to illness, injuries, families taking holidays, moving or any other reason. We suggest students attend make up lessons during the same term by attending double lessons each week or trialling other styles.

In the event that dance classes are not possible in the studio due to COVID-19 all classes will move online. (No refunds offered)

Administration Fee

All students must enrol via the online link. There is an annual $40 administration and insurance fee due at enrolment (equals to $10 a term). The fees go towards the cost of our online enrolment, texts and admin enquiries.

Performance Fee

There is a $25 performance levy for all students who wish to performance in our end of year performances.

Term Dates

Term fees are varied, as some terms are longer than others. Please see fee structure for current term fees. The casual and trial rate is more expensive per hour than the full term rate. Students who pay casually are not guaranteed a place in the class every week.

Class Sizes

Classes require a minimum of 6 students to run. Some of the classical classes may be held with smaller numbers. Steppes reserves the right to cancel a class if less than 6 students enrolled. Dance Magic and junior classes may have an assistant helper.


With Steppes new Zoom Classes, we will endeavour to make student experience as close as possible to the face-to-face in-class. The teacher will able to see the student, however you will have to take more responsibility than usual for the safety of your space and of your movements

By clicking on any of the Zoom Meeting links you are acknowledging and agreeing to:
1. Your child has gained your permission to be online.

2. You will ensure that your child is wearing their Steppes dance uniform that is appropriate for dance.

3. That, where possible, you will ensure webcams are located in a communal space like a living room.

4. The sharing of this invitation and password is strictly forbidden.

5. Your child participates in these online dance classes at their own risk. You understand that dance is likened to sport and, although rare, injury may occur. Steppes School of Dance will not be held responsible for any injury that may occur to your child during dance class.
6. These zoom classes will be monitored by Steppes Staff

Remember with all online interactions please practice safe online awareness; further information can be found at

(Parents please ensure your child fully understands these requirements)

• Please make sure you have at least two metres clear space around you, that the floor is clear of any objects or spills, and the surface is appropriate to dance on.

• Try to set up your screen so that it is at, or close to, eye height, and near enough to see the teacher clearly. Make sure your device isn’t in danger of being knocked.

• Ensure you have the volume set to a level that you can hear the instructions.

• If possible be lit from in front rather than behind, e.g. close curtains if dancing in front of a window.

• Your microphone will be off when you join. You will be able to hear your teachers but they will not be able to hear you. Your teachers will decide when to bring your sound on if necessary. If you have a question please raise your hand until you are noticed on the screen.

• Wear appropriate clothing Steppes uniform with hair tied up.

• Have a full bottle of water bottle close by.

• If an exercise or action causes sharp or sudden pain, stop immediately, apply first aid or seek help from your parents. Advise your teacher as soon as possible. Because of the online format your actions are unsupervised by your teacher so please make your own judgements, as you know your own body better than anyone.

• Have any pets or young siblings in another space to avoid sudden tripping hazards.

• Please note that the material in this video is copyright and has not been approved for sharing, or for third party recordings. Sharing of the classes and zoom links and passwords are strictly forbidden.

• These Zoom classes will be closely monitored by Steppes Staff

Student Class Placements

At the beginning of each New Year current students and new students are asked to complete an online enrolment. Priority and position are offered to those who enrol and pay their fees first.

Introductory / Casual Classes

The casual rate is available for students who wish to try a few classes before committing to enrolling for a full term or year. The casual rate is more expensive per hour and per class (See fee structure). Students wishing to take casual classes are to reregister online and stated they are take casual classes. Payment for these casual classes is to be paid in cash on the day of the class.

If a student turns up for a casual class and the class is full then they may not be able to participate on the day. Priority in a class is given to students who enrol for a full year and pay before the commencement of each term. Positions in classes are not held for casual students if classes are full.

The family discounts or any other discounts do not apply to those who pay casual classes. If a student enrols for a term but is away due to a holiday or camp then they still need to pay the term in order to hold their position in the class. We suggest students attend make up lessons during the same term by attending double lessons each week or trialling other styles. The Acro Dance classes are perfect for a makeup class. (See timetable)

Students who do not enrol and pay for term 3 and 4 are unable to participate in the end of year concert. The students who enrol for the full year and each term may participate in all other rehearsals, photo days, performances or presentation nights that Steppes are involved in during the year.

Trial classes are offered to new students at the casual rate. Any new students who trial a class are to inform Steppes if they will not be returning. An invoice will be sent with the trial payment amount deducted.

Discipline Policy

In order to maintain a happy, healthy, professional environment, students are taught the importance of being a part of a group and team. We encourage students to have respect for other students, the teachers and staff, as well as the studio property, we foster the development of good habits and compliance with rules of conduct.

Our staff are trained to use constructive techniques of discipline to maintain class control and handle individual misbehaviour. Children who exhibit unacceptable behaviour or attitudes are told what is wrong and directed to a positive alternative approach or behaviour.

If a child strikes another child, the two are respectfully separated and each is asked to explain what happened. They are then asked to help solve the problem, talk to each other, and reconcile with one another.

Children who are disruptive will be respectfully asked to stop the behaviour. If the behaviour is repeated, they will be reminded of it and told how it affects others. If the disruption continues, the children involved will be asked to sit down for a short period of time (usually three to five minutes) before re-joining the class. If a child’s misbehaviour continues to disrupt the class, the parent or guardian will be called to pick up the child.


Dance is a physical activity that requires the body to be warmed up in order to execute movement safely. Late students miss the proper warm-up and/or barre and therefore may sustain injury. Students who arrive late may be asked to observe class for reasons of personal safety.


Students are expected to be punctual to classes. Please advise the office by email if a student is going to be absent due to illness, injury, holidays, school camp etc. We suggest students attend make up lessons during the same term by attending double lessons each week or trialling other styles. (See timetable)


Students must be dressed in the correct uniform at all times. Students arrive in and depart the ballet school premises in appropriate attire eg (Steppes hoodie) and not in their ballet school uniform.

Grooming is an essential part of a student’s training. It encourages good deportment, enables students to be able to turn correctly without hair flicking in the eyes and is essential for teachers to be able to observe correct placement of the head and shoulder

Female students are expected: To wear their hair in a bun for ballet and dance magic. All other styles must be in a bun or pony tail, hair must be off the face (e.g. Using an appropriate headband).


No jewellery (except for stud or sleeper earrings), watches or mobile phones are not permitted in class. Jewellery and watches have been known to cause injuries and abrasions in the past. All valuables should be left at home. Mobile phones if needed should be in students bag on silent.

Medical Treatment and Injury

Dance is a physical activity and whilst all reasonable care is taken, Steppes is not liable for injuries sustained during classes, instruction, performance activities or otherwise.

In the case of an injury or health concern in respect of your child, all reasonable efforts will be made to contact you promptly. But, in the case of an emergency, or in the event that you cannot be reached, Steppes will to seek medical attention for the student. This may involve Steppes rendering first aid to the student or calling an ambulance for the student. You agree to indemnify Steppes for any costs incurred in obtaining such emergency medical attention, for example ambulance fees.

If a student is unable to participate in class, exam, competition or performance due to an injury they must issue Steppes with a doctor’s certificate at the time.


Parents and students are asked to take particular care and be respectful of our facilities. Bins are provided for rubbish please make sure you use them! No food and only water is allow in studios.

Student Collection

Whilst all reasonable care is taken, Steppes is not liable for students outside of scheduled classes or the premises. Parents of junior and younger middle school students are asked to pick children up from inside the studio, rather than asking students to wait unsupervised outside the building.

Car Parking

The parking in Sydenham Street can become very congested at times. We would ask that families are mindful when dropping off students that they don’t double park blocking our neighbour’s driveways. Where possible we would suggest that parent’s share drop off and pick up with other parents.

Parent viewing policy

Steppes gives parents and families the chance to view dance classes at the 1st and last week of term 1, 2 and 3. Although parents like to watch it can also be a distraction to the students and teachers, as well as affect the entire dynamic of the class. We do not permit parents to take videos or photos of our students in classes during open days.

We welcome all parents to watch the first class. We believe parents/guardians have to be 100% happy and comfortable with how we teach and interact with our students. Dance Magic students can sometimes take a while to settle in class. We suggest parents wait in the hallway or reception area so they are close if we need them. We ask parents to drop students at the studio door and leave the room to allow for the smooth running of our classes.

Examinations & Assessments

Examinations and assessments are offered for ballet students once a year through Australian Dance Vision. Examinations and/or assessments are not compulsory but are encouraged as they offer the student a goal to work towards. Ballet students from Level 3 onwards must take a minimum of 2 classes per week if they wish to participate in examinations. Students will be entered for examinations at the discretion of the Principal.

Steppes School of Dance offers training for students for all ages. Students as young as 2 – 5 years can participate in our dance magic program which has been especially designed for preschoolers.

School age students from the age of 5 and upwards have the option of any other styles – ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, musical theatre,  lyrical, contemporary.

Students may wish to either dance recreationally in our classes, or they can work towards their Australian Dance Vision assessments in ballet.

Our teachers each have extensive experience in their dance field and provide the students with a rich learning environment through small class sizes and targeted learning. By keeping our ballet class sizes small, each student receives individual attention to hone their skill as well as be part of a close-knit group.

Students who study the ballet education program not only learn the physical & technical aspects of the dance styles but become exposed to other components including:

– History of the Dance Style

– Body Science (including awareness of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology & nutrition)

– Musicality & Rhythm Training

– Understanding of Dance Vocabulary

– Choreographic Skills

– Knowledge of Stagecraft

– Performance & Production Skills


All students are offered the opportunity to participate in the end of year Annual Performance. Students wishing to participate must be available for additional rehearsals. All students must attend the dress rehearsals, and be available for all performances. Students must not perform choreography taught at the school without seeking prior permission from the Principal.

Photos Shoots

Steppes hold an annual photo shoot at the end of the year for students to be photographed in their costumes.


Steppes are a small business and unlike sporting clubs, the staff are not volunteers and are paid for their time.

We occasionally call on volunteers at concert time and appreciate all the parents and friends who do help. We have struggled to find helpers at the photos shoots and needed to employ staff and assistants help over the three day. Steppes do not make a profit from photo shoots, DVDs or costumes. In order to keep the costs down we appreciate parent’s help when requested.

Steppes Scholarships

Once a year Steppes gives 3 scholarship who students as encouragements awards.

We choose students based on their;

> Attitude towards class

> Improvement

> Grooming

> Attendance

> Manners


Please direct any enquiries relating to your individual child to

Important newsletters, notices and term fee invoices will be sent via email through our online enrolment or sent as text messages. Please ensure you provide us with a current email address and mobile number. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for important updates.

Termination of Enrolment

In certain circumstances, when it is in the best interest of one or more students or Steppes, it may be necessary for Steppes to terminate a student’s enrolment. All reasonable efforts will be made to correct a problematic situation before terminating enrolment. Reasons for termination of enrolment include the following (without limitation):
Disruptive or dangerous behaviour by students or their parents
Abuse of other students, children, staff, or property
Inability of Steppes to meet the student’s needs
Breach by the student (in the case of adult students) or student’s parent or guardian (in the case students under 18 years of age) of any of


Payments can be made at reception ONLY By Cash, Debit or 2% Surcharge for Credit Card (sorry don’t expect AMEX) or by Ezidebit.

Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions

In the event of any failure to comply with any of the terms, conditions, codes or policies referred to on this page, Steppes School of Dance reserves the right to cancel the student’s enrolment and in this situation any fees paid or payable will not be refunded.