Australian Dance Week at Steppes!

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Monday 1st – Saturday 6th May Steppes School of Dance celebrated Australian Dance Week.

We celebrated the week by asking all students to bring a parent or guardian to their dance class and join in the fun.

The week was also a week of students and parents dressing up. It was so much fun for the all those involved, I’m sure students will never forget the day their parent or special friend came to dance in their class.


Musical Monday

Parents and grandparents joined in the hip hop, jazz and tap classes.

Jazz 7-9yrs    Musical Monday    Parents


Tutu Tuesday

Was lots of fun with even a few dads in tutus. Some of the parents were naturals at ballet and picked up the steps like they had done it before.

Tinsley     Level 3 Ballet Group    Dance Magic Tutu Tuesday Level 3 Ballet with Parents


 Way Back Wednesday 

Students squeezed into their old dance costumes, bringing back lots of memories from old concerts and troupes. We had a few parents join advanced jazz and realise the strength and commitment needed.


Adv Jazz dad    Ava and Sndra    Parents in class    Jazz 5-7yrs with Parents    Jess and Jen    Adv Jazz


Theatrical Thursday

We had a mix of costumes walk through the door for our acrobatic, ballet, and lyrical classes. Students kept changing costumes and playing dress ups.


friends in class     Parents and Students     Theatrical Thursday Acro


Silly Saturday 

Was one of my favorite days of the week and the best adult attendance!

I’m not sure if it took a week for everyone to warm up to the idea or being a weekend meant everyone was a little more relaxed.

We watched dad’s jete and leap through the air, even had a dad in gold tights. We could pick the mums who had danced before that’s for sure.


Dad joining in class     Dance Magic class     Dance Magic with Parents Hip Hop Students    Level 1 Ballet     Students Dressed up


Thank you everyone for a fun week and if any of you are interested in an adults class we would happily add to the timetable.

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